Jaguar InControl Route Planner

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Last Thursday, the app that I’ve been working on since I started at HERE went live in the app store.

This app is by far the biggest project I’ve worked on. Different to the previous apps I’ve made (predominantly for Titan Entertainment and BTB Advertising), I was one of a team of iOS developers working on the same app. The project has been ongoing for some time, and I came in with less than 6 months to go before the first release.

It’s been different working as part of a team, rather than by myself, and I’m already a better developer for it. I’m lucky that the team I work with is full of talented individuals, who are always looking for ways to improve what we do.

The app itself is called the Jaguar InControl Route Planner – it works together with an in-car navigation system in some Jaguar models. It allows you to plan a route on your mobile and have it synchronise (via the “cloud”) to the car. There is also functionality to guide to to your car from your current location as well as saving places and routes for later use.

As the page on the App Store states, you do need a connectivity package in order to use the app – which basically means you need to own one of these new model Jaguars.

This isn’t the end of this project. We’ve got new versions in development for the new year and other (related) projects as well. There’s lots more where this came from.

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