Doctors in Berlin

Andrea and I have now been in Berlin for a 9 whole months! I don’t know where the time has gone. In the time we’ve been here, we’ve had a few times when we’ve had need to see a doctor.

Don’t worry, nothing serious.

The public healthcare system here in Germany can seem a bit strange, depending on what you’re used to. You pay a given amount of health insurance (depending on your salary) each month to a public insurer of your choice. When you need to, you go to a doctor of your choice (that accepts your health insurance, which is most of them), and they take your healthcare number, that’s it.

And there are lots of doctors to choose from. Too many perhaps. I got a web-site (only in German of course) from our insurer that allows you to search for a doctor by district, speciality, and languages they claim to speak. I say claim, because their actual level of that language is available anywhere.

This doesn’t give you a lot of idea of what the doctor is like, so last time I searched, I started googling the doctors that I found to see if I found anything about them online.

This is how I discovered that, in Berlin at least, there are reviews of doctors on Yelp.

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