Bon Any Nou!

Or Happy New Year. I spent new years with Greta, Nat and more people from Melbourne than I’ve ever met overseas, it seemed that every second person I spoke to was not only Australian, but from Melbourne and had gone to Melbourne university – it was all a bit surreal.

We were at a hostel party, which turned out to be incredibly cheap, €5 entry and as much bad cava as you could drink before forgetting where you were. I had a great time until I stopped remembering, I can’t really say anything about after that point for obvious reasons.

It was cool seeing Greta again, Tim and I did our best to show her around as much of Barcelona as we could in a couple of days and I think we got all the major stuff in. I took a few photos, so I’ll get some of them posted just as soon as I write the photo section of the site.

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