Stuck in Barcelona

When I woke up this morning there was a gale blowing outside and we had no electricity. The immediate problem this presented was our bathroom which, being in the middle of an apartment building, has nothing even resembling a natural light source. I was feeling pretty happy with myself because I’ve got a kettle that sits on the stove (not that I couldn’t use a pot if I didn’t, but this one whistles) so I could boil water for coffee. Then I realised that I thought to soon, the only coffee I have is beans and I couldn’t grind them without electricity for the grinder. Damn.

I headed in to Barcelona to buy icing sugar (there’s only one shop in Barcelona where I know I can buy it in quantities larger than 80g) and cocoa to make lamingtons for Australia Day. The trains were running slowing so it took a while to get in, then there were no trains at all coming back out again, so after waiting for 45 minutes at the train station I gave up and went and sat in Copa Café in Gràcia and spent three hours working there. I managed to get a good bit of work done on my distributed parallel version of Mike‘s RPEA simulator that I writing for my parallel programming tools and environments class.

I’m now hanging out at Juan’s house until Maria’s leaving drinks tonight, hopefully the night busses won’t also be effected, I may be stuck here forever…

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