I’m still alive

After pretty much two weeks of 11-13 hour days at uni I’m finally done. That’s not to say I’ve completely finished everything for the semester, but the presentations are done and the rest is pretty much just expanding on the slides.

I gave all three presentations today, and at one point I got up in front of everyone and completely blanked, I couldn’t remember which presentation I was suppose to be giving, then I got it wrong and was confused when the slides didn’t match what I was about to say. The fact that I’ve only slept six hours in the last two days probably didn’t help.

In some much better news, the education conference paper that I wrote with some other guys from uni has been accepted, so I may be off to America in May to present it, which would be nice. It’s titled Teaching Model for Computational Science and Engineering Programme and will be presented at Workshop on Teaching Computational Science at ICCS 2009.

It’s now 1am and I need to get up in less than 6 hours to go to the airport. I’m spending a night in London and I’ll be in Melbourne on Tuesday.

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