Water balloon fight 1

Upon advice from lecool I headed off to Pl. Sant Felip Neri for a water fight. I managed to find somewhere that sells water balloons and had a great time getting soaked through and then tramping off to another square to fill up more balloons for round two.

I was then going to head off to a concert and visual show later that night. Unfortunately it seems that none of the TMB employees seem to know the difference between CaxiaForum, where I wanted to go, and CosmoCaixa, near Tibidabo and nowhere near where I wanted to be.

Initially I thought I was going to Parc del Forum, then I checked my details and realised it was actually CaixaForum and so I asked where it is and how to get there. I got the same (wrong) directions from three different people, so there I was (late of course) wandering around Tibidabo and a very, very closed CosmoCaixa at 10pm last night trying to work out where the hell this concert was suppose to be. It was only when I got home and checked google maps that I saw where I should have been. Bit disappointing, but I met a bunch of cool people at the water fight, and went for a drink afterwards with the guy who organised it, Xavi, and his sister Marta. Hopefully there’ll be some photos to stick up at some point soon.

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