Rounded corners!

The (very small number) of images on this site that don’t form the layout can all be served via a dynamic image resizer. The code for this was originally adapted from something that Andy (from Titan) showed me. I’ve since taken over control of that portion of code somewhat and added a few nice extra features like transparency handling, watermarking (if you really give a damn) and caching. It’s going to be used in the Forbidden Planet web site. When I added the image of ‘the troupe’ in the last post I thought it would look much better with rounded edges.

Now, being the programmer I am, rather than taking the image, sticking it in photoshop and rounding the edges I added code to round the edges of images dynamically in our dynamic image tool. Currently it just takes a PNG mask images from disc and uses the alpha layer to inflict upon the four corners of the source image. I’m hoping to create this mask image dynamically as well if possible, then the radius of the corners could also be dynamic.

Since I did this I’ve just pinched the entire file for this site and actually made the random image on the left random (e.g. it now comes from a set of size > 1).

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