London town

It’s been over a year and a half since I lived in London, and I’ve been back numerous times since then for work. Although admittedly a number of those have been 3 day trips, and once you stick the 3 days of work in there you don’t exactly see a lot of any city like that. I’ve just returned from a few days there (again for work), but I didn’t leave until 19h yesterday so I had a bit of time to wander around and I could go out the night before as well.

My point is, I think I’m finally finding the things about London that I like. Okay, it’s expensive and the people on the street aren’t all smiles and bright faces (except when the sun is out of course), but London’s a big place. So after seeing a DJ set from the Mighty Boosh guys on Thursday night I spent Friday visiting some of my favourite places before heading out the the airport (not one of my favourite places). I had breakfast at Flat White, lunch at Hummus Bros and in between I saw a free exhibition called Monsters Inked at Idea Generation Gallery. The exhibition was a whole lot of illustrations of monsters, the high point for me being a bunch of art done by Pete Fowler who has done artwork for lots of the Super Furry Animals covers.

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