Cerka’l Festival

Last Friday night I went along to the Cerka’l Festival, a free music festival out in what seemed to be more or less the suburbs of Barcelona in Piera. I went along with Joe (my English flatmate) and some of his friends, Jamie, Joolie, Rusty (who’s actual name is James) as well as his girlfriend Amanda (who helped me feel less insecure about the lack of Js in my name).

The general idea was, head over on the FGC (which takes a while) after having a bite to eat and organising drinks. Stay all night listening to music, dancing or whatever and then catch the first train back in the morning. Which is pretty much what happened. When the sun came up and we could see that we’d actually spent the whole night in a car park surrounded by what appeared to be factories we figured it was safe to call it a night. I then went home, had a shower and jumped on a train to Mataró to meet Tim and Angela to go camping in Andorra, not really having slept, but that’s another story.

Believe it or not there are photos to be had. In fact the whole reason that I’m only posting this now is that I’ve spent the last couple of evenings adding photos to my site (and sub-classing half of django in the processes). So hopefully tomorrow we’ll have some photos up.

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