És festa major!

That roughly translates into staying up until the not so small hours of the morning, partying while it’s dark, sleeping when it’s light, and I think there’s also a rule against sobriety.

I spent the weekend in Mollet (Anna’s home town) attending the festa major there, where it’s much more an all night thing than Gràcia. Mollet is split into two groups for the festa major, Els Morats – who are all about eating – and Els Torrats – who are all about drinking. Obviously I’m with the torrats.

We saw La Limoncello on Friday night, which a couple of Anna’s cousins are in (I also scored a copy of their CD, which you can download free too) and then stayed out until about 6:30 the following morning. On Saturday night we saw the correfoc (a big precession with lots of fire crackers) and then saw a presentation called El Moll Fer, which I understood very little of because it was all in catalan, but if you’d like to try your luck, you can find it at the Torrats page. After more music we headed to a breakfast (which turned into a water fight as well) at around 8 in the morning.

Now it’s the Festa Major de Gràcia so I haven’t really stopped, and there are still three days left.

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