Back from India

I’m back from India, well I’ve made it as far as London in any event, I’m here working for a week.

Bangaluru (it’s name has been officially changed back from the anglicised Bangalore) was fantastic. The conference went well, and although my paper was on the edges of the conference topics I had an audience and even got a few questions, which was nice. It was fantastic seeing some of the city, although I’ve been assured that Bangaluru is not at all representative of the rest of India – I’ll have to go back some day and do it properly.

The people there were all friendly and interesting (at the conference and otherwise) and I found a nice little example of the state of globalisation – all the attendees from Australian universities were originally from elsewhere and all those originally from Australia were living elsewhere.

I’ve got some photos up under Pepe gets outsourced to Bangaluru, I’ll add some descriptions later.

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