An exciting match down at the BCG

That’d be the Barcelona Cricket Ground. A few of us headed down to Parc Forum for a bit of cricket yesterday (holiday here in Barcelona), we found a nice open space and had a bit of a hit around, although hitting the ball to far was generally something you apologised for (especially on the leg side – there was a bit of a slope that way).

After we’d been there for a bit a Pakistani guy wandered by and after watching us for a little bit asked if we wanted a bit of a game. About 20 minutes later he showed up with another 8 guys and proceeded to thoroughly thrash the UK/Australia team. I’ll leave the scores out, let’s just say it was bad, and that we only lasted 4 of our 10 overs.

[Updated: 2009-10-14]

Here’s the shot at stumps on “day 1”. Bit of a bad angle unfortunately – the camera was sitting on an empty beer can.

Stumps on day 1

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