Music in Barcelona

Having just found out that the second concert that I (very spontaneously) decided to attend tonight is sold out I’ve decided that I’m going to make more of an effort to plan these things (for example I could look for concerts before midday, or possibly even the day before).

Also, if anyone has any suggestions in advance (or last minute – I don’t really care), let me know. As it is I’ve been spending a lot of time using MySpace for what it was originally intended for recently, e.g. looking at bands on there, I’m all for live gigs and I’ve been going through local acts looking for stuff I can go and see.

For now, my favourite (somewhat recent) music from Catalunya is:

  • Maria Rodés – as Oniric when I saw her live (and on her first album Sin Técnica)
  • La Limoncello – two of these guys are Anna’s cousins (but that’s far from the only reason I’m a fan)
  • Parpadeo – I missed these guys playing tonight (at Mundo Canibal in Cerdanyola of all places)

I promise I’m not being paid to plug these musicians, although given the opportunity I probably would…

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