¿Por qué no?

Recently I’ve been move or less living by the philosophy ¿por qué no? (why not?), which is great and as those of you who’ve spoken with me recently know I’ve been pretty busy as I suppose is what happens when you force yourself to look for a good reason not to do something, rather than focusing on why you should.

On the other hand, I thought I’d pretty much found my limit a few weeks ago when I was in London. Gary went skydiving while I was there and came back saying exactly the same things everyone else I know who’s been skydiving for the first time says – that it’s fantastic and they’re saving up to get their jump license. He was talking about organising a group jump (I don’t think it actually involves jumping together) with other titan-ers, and when I was truly honest with myself I said I wouldn’t go. Heights don’t scare me so much, going down from said heights – be it an aeroplane skydiving, a bridge bungy jumping, or even a 10 metre tower abseiling – scares the bejesus out of me, which was a good enough reason why not.

Then last night I saw the video below. I watched it and thought yes, as the link had so boldly claimed, this may be the best video on all of facebook, but that was all. Then this morning as I was fetching my book out of my bag to read as I waited for the train at Gràcia station it all of a sudden hit me – I desperately want to base jump in a wing suit, I realised that this goal negated my reason of being scared enough to wet myself at the idea of jumping out of an aeroplane. I have to try that, even if it means (as it surely, and sensibly will) that I first have to go skydiving. I no longer have a good enough reason ¿por qué no?

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