How to lie

This week my masters in multimedia design started in earnest, for the first third of the course (which goes from now until June/July) is from 19h to 22h, Monday to Thursday. Given I’m normally at uni from 9 in the morning until the time I’ve got to leave for my multimedia classes, I’ve now got pretty full weeks.

Our class in Audiovisual communication on Wednesday seemed pretty much concentrated on how to lie. We were given a specific situation which involved infidelity and told to put whatever moral aspects existed to the side and focus on the best response to a confrontment that gave our protagonista time to think (e.g. leave husband not suspicious and jilted friend in a state where she wouldn’t make things any worse). The class itself was taken by a psychologist (not something us computer science students come into contact with on a regular basis).

Things we can take away from this. If you get married, don’t marry a psychologist, they’re so far ahead of you it’s plain unfair.

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