Defended! (in a style)

Yesterday I defended my masters thesis (”’tesina”’ in spanish) which marks the end of my 2.5 years of study in the Computer Architecture and Operating Systems (CAOS) department. The title of my dissertation was ”’Simulación de departamentos de urgencias empleando un modelo basado en agentes”’ which more or less translates into Simulation of emergency departments employing an agent-based model. It’s been great fun, although obviously the stress and sleepless nights (okay, night) towards the end probably could have been avoided.

Andrea defended hers today and there are a couple more days of presentations before all 14 of us across two different masters have finished. Next week the doctorate thesis defences begin.

Towards the end of last week I got an email from my thesis director saying that I needed more colour in my presentation (based on my previous presentation which admittedly had a lot of grey in it). I like to say I immediately went out and resolved the problem in my own style, but the truth is I was planning on doing this anyway. I got my hair cut into a mohawk, died fuchsia and bought a matching tie, which is what I wore for my defence.

There are a couple of photos below, one of me answering a question from the tribunal at the end of my presentation, and another of me with my masters thesis director Emilio.

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