Festa Major de Gràcia – wrap up

Well, the Festa Major de Gràcia is over for another year. For the first this year I participated in setting up the decorations in my street Carrer Progrés. I went along and had a fantastic time, I’ve met loads of cool people and had plenty of practice speaking catalan, even if I was sure I was speaking rubbish half the time.

I’ve finally gone through all the photos I took leading up to and during the festivities. I’ve split the photos into three albums. The preparations are in Preparations for the Festa Major de Gràcia 2010, photos of all the decorations we put up are in Carrer Progrés decorations and finally a bunch of photos from the celebrations themselves are in the originally titled group Festa Major de Gràcia 2010.

For anyone who just wants all the images, I’ve uploaded zips of the files. They’re lower resolution than the originals, but still 1280×863, if you want the full size versions, come to my house with a few DVDs. The links to the zip files are below.

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