The family sites

So in addition to me changing my site to run on WordPress, both Thea and Bruce got WordPress blogs up and running while I was in Australia. I was going to post about this sooner, but I’ve been waiting for them to update, seeing as that hasn’t happened I thought I’d post it here anyway.

Bruce can be found at the same site he’s had for years,, where he’s got sets of his work up and is planning on updating his blog weekly. The site does change colour every time you reload it, but that’s to match his business cards.

Thea has a new blog at, where you’ll probably see family news and lots of her photos. Thea is setting up the site herself from a base WordPress install (I implemented Bruce’s design for his), so it’s still coming along.

That’s all for now, maybe we’ll see Ev set something up too in the future, if he ever has time.

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