Photos from Christmas

It’s been kind of hectic this year, I can’t remember exactly what’s been going on, but it’s passing by rapidly. So it’s the last day of January and I’ve finally got the first batch of photos up from my Christmas down south in Granada with Andrea’s family.

We spent Christmas eve with Andrea’s sister Sonia’s family and Andrea’s folks. Christmas day is when all of Andrea’s mother’s family, Andrea’s Trujillo side, get together (nine siblings means a lot of family) and so I had far too many names to remember, but had a great time. Lots of food, lots of talking, although I’m pretty sure that per person the Wilson clan still make more noise.

There was also the christmas cake, which I made in Barcelona and carried (all 2.5 Kg of it) to Granada. We were somewhat lacking in supplies this year, I didn’t realise food colouring was so hard to get hold of in Spain, and it ended up being a New Year cake for the same reason.

I will endeavour to get the remainder of the photos up at some point this week and get more or less back on track.

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