Mike and Soph’s wedding

Last weekend was Mike & Soph’s wedding, the now Popkiss couple. I’ve known Mike since we were both eleven or twelve years old and since the following year we’ve been best mates. Soph I met working at Dick Smith at Southland (in Melbourne), we also coincidently had a class together in my first year at Monash.

I’m pretty sure I was the only one at the wedding who knew both Soph and Mike before they knew one another, although saying I introduced them would be a stretch – I did suggest to our HR manager that she should hire Mike, so maybe that counts a little towards that claim.

The wedding was fantastic, with a small group for the “legal stuff” at the registry office in the old treasury building in the morning, a lunch with various out-of-town family (I was helping bulk out Mike’s family as Soph’s lot outnumbered us 3-to-1 at least), followed by a reception at Matteo’s.

Of course I had my camera and was snapping away throughout the day, I’ve already uploaded a selection of photos of Mike & Soph’s Wedding, but looking on facebook for more will get you everyone else’s.

So that’s it, with Mike getting hitched half our little group of school friends are now married – and hopefully I won’t have to buy another flight back to Australia for a while.

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