First spanish wedding

Unfortunately I’ve been a little busy in the last few weeks and more than a week later I’ve still yet to post about this. A week and a bit ago Andrea and I attended the wedding of one of her cousins in Salamanca.

Andrea’s cousin is from Granada (like most of the family), but the tradition in Spain is that a couple get married in the hometown of the bride, which in this case was Salamanca, a university city about two hours to the west of Madrid by car. As a historic aside, the University of Salamanca is the oldest in Spain.

So we headed out to Madrid by air, where we were picked up and given a lift to Salamanca. Unfortunately we didn’t get a lot of time to see the city, but Salamanca has an impressive main square (Plaza Mayor) and the wedding was in the old cathedral (there is a new one as well) which was really beautiful.

Of course there was lots of dancing and celebrating afterwards, which did seem to involve a far higher percentage of “Clan Trujillo” than the Salamanca side, but then that doesn’t really surprise me, Andrea’s family know how to enjoy themselves. I had a great time, and the food was fantastic, so all in all a great first experience of a spanish wedding.

I took loads of photos, but need to sort through them to pull the best ones out, I promise I’ll have them up in a few more days.

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