Christmas in Granada

I spent Christmas and the New Year in Granada with Andrea’s family again this year. It was a wonderful chance to relax, eat lots, and generally do christmasy type things. Although I did spend a fair portion of the time I was there knitting.

The spanish do their gift giving on (Three) King’s Day, the 6th of January, which means that there’s plenty of time after la Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) to organise gifts. I received, amongst other things, a set of fantastic Sony headphones to use at uni, a belt, a face cream (to keep me looking young and beautiful), and a jumper.

Andrea’s nephew Bruno is getting bigger all the time, in fact it seemed he grew substantially while we were there, must have been all that good food he was eating. He was doing his best to sit up (e.g. stay balanced) and is at that stage where he’ll put anything in his mouth, of course he also seems to have a good stomach as he’s quite happy eating just about any adult food he’s allowed to try.

I made my traditional christmas cake again this year, complete with red royal icing, which I put on before we left, and a scene with the three kings arriving in Granada, which Andrea and I made when when got there.

You can see it all, and more, in the photos I put up last week.

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