Start your keyboards

So, I read a blog post I found on Hacker News by someone I don’t know. The content is interesting, but entirely unrelated to the rest of what I’m about to say. Turns out the guy had just started blogging as part of the blog a day in March challenge made up by some other blogger I don’t know (I love the internet).

I thought, I can do that.

So I am.

It was actually the second post on the blog I found via HN, but it looks like that guy’s in Australia (mentioned his scary HECS debt), and it’s still the 1st of March here in the old world, so I’m in.

This, of course, counts as my first post of March – we’ll see how far I get before missing a day.

The article I originally read on HN is interesting too: What I learnt pretending to be a programmer.

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