San Diego Comic-Con

As it happens, the week that ANTS-X was on was the same week that the San Diego Comic-Con started. Fortunately for me I managed to come by a ticket from work (Titan has a stall at Comic-Con each year) and went along on the weekend after the number theory conference had finished.

Comic-Con was pretty much as I expected it to be, full of stalls promoting and selling things. As a rule the bigger the company the more promotion and less actual selling actually goes on.

It was, however, bigger than I thought. The conference room was enormous, and there was a whole other space for the bigger panels in another building.

I did geek out a bit, going to the Penny Arcade panel (after having already gone to get a poster signed by them), as well as meeting Jorge Cham who writes PhD comics. I also met Roman Dirge, creator of Lenor, who was doing signings at the Titan booth as well as the writer and one of the colourers for the Zenescope’s Wonderland series.

Of course, I got photos of Pepe with all these famous people.

I also got lots of photos of Pepe with cosplayers, for laughs. It was great going up to people and asking if I could take their photo with a lemur.

I had a good time overall, although I think that not being able to return to the Titan stall to hang out there (I even sold some T-shirts), would have made the days long.

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