Seminari de Teoria de Nombres de Barcelona

STNB 2013

This week is the annual Barcelona Number Theory Seminar (STNB from the catalan name). This year I helped organise the seminar, although my involvement was mainly technical. I built a web site to host the details about this year’s talks and programme. It will also include information from previous years and hopefully future years as well.

Without further ado, I present the new Seminari de Teoria de Nombres de Barcelona web site. I need to do a bit of SEO so it shows up first on Google

The design is Bruce’s, with input from the other members of Caffeine Concepts and I implemented the entire thing in Django (the python framework, not the new Tarantino film). It’s all multi-lingual and while a lot of the forms to add new content haven’t been completed, this is probably still one of the biggest web projects I’ve written entirely by myself.

Teoria de Nombres circle logo

Evan also came up with a clever adaption of the original Teoria de Nombres group logo in a circle, but unfortunately it got shot down. I’ve included a copy in the post, because I think it’s fantastic.

Older logos aside, I’m really happy with how the site has come together. I’m also pretty confident that it will hold up to the rush if all 35 people who make up its intended audience visit it at once.

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