So, today I turn 30.

Some time ago (when I was much closer to 20), I decided I had two goals that I wanted to achieve before I turned 30.

  1. Gain european citizenship.
  2. Get a PhD.

I sneakily added a third one a few years later.

  1. Speak a second language.

Sneakily, because by that time I was living in Barcelona and it seemed pretty much a sure thing. Although I always wanted to speak another language, so if I’d thought of it earlier it certainly would have been in the original list.

So, today I turn 30 and the only item from the list that I’ve managed is the last one.

I am in the process of getting a PhD, I’m three years in and should finish by the middle of next year.

As for the european citizenship… I have to live with a working visa (or something that allows me to work) for 10 years before being able to apply for citizenship. So far I have zero years, my student visa doesn’t count.

While this post may seem a little moros given that it’s my birthday, it’s not. The truth is, I don’t really mind at all.

I’ve spent the past eight and a bit years living overseas.

I’ve been studying things that I really enjoy for the last five years (plus the three years of university in Australia before that).

I’m living with a girl I love more every day.

I’ve lived in London, Barcelona, as well as four months in Paderborn.

I speak pretty much fluent (Castilian) Spanish, and my German and Catalan aren’t bad (I’ve taken maths classes in both those languages and can get by in a conversation).

So, the truth is, I’m absolutely thrilled with the way that everything has turned out.

P.S. I was going to come up with a clever title for this post, then decided against it.

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2 Responses to Thirty

  1. Thea on April 27, 2013 15:28

    This day 30 years ago I was in shock – I’d given birth to a beautiful and somewhat jaundiced little boy who seemed perfect in every way. I still think he is perfect in every way – except for the fact that he lives a very long way away from us.
    Happy birthday beautiful son and lots of love…

  2. Bruce on April 27, 2013 15:53

    Hi Hayden,
    You are indeed a lucky man. (I guess we can call you that now that you are 30).
    You have achieved so much in the time you have been overseas.
    However, more than the 2+1 goals you have set yourself, I believe that your friends are testament to your success. That’s if the blog site is anything to go by.
    You have got ‘Mates’ in Australia, Spain, Germany and the UK.
    We are so very proud of you.
    Love, Bruce

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