Number Theory in Cryptography Summer School

Summer School on Number Theory in Cryptography at the University of Warwick

Last week I was in Warwick for a summer school on number theory in cryptography. All the speakers were fantastic and I had a great time learning about some of the cryptographic applications of number theory and also trying my hand at some of the problems that we were given.

The university seems to be really nice, at the very least I know that the mathematics department building is, the coloured stripes behind the photo above were made by letting paint dribble two stories down the wall.

I also met lots of other number theory students, mostly also doing their PhDs as well. A great group of people, all of them.

Galois Theory Third Edition, signed by Ian Stewart

To complete the trip, I managed to get my copy of Galois Theory signed by Ian Stewart, who is a professor at the University of Warwick. This was the first book that I studied when I started my PhD, and my first introduction to any sort of abstract algebra. Although the copy I actually read was from the UAB library and about 30 years older than the one I now have signed.

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