Iain M. Banks

The Algebraist - Iain M. Banks

I’m a little late to this, somehow I seem to miss these big news stories. A bit more than a month ago, Iain Banks died of cancer.

I hadn’t even heard of Iain [M.] Banks until 2005 when I moved to London and the tube was full of posters for his latest science fiction work, The Algebraist.

I read the book and immediately sought out more. Ironically (and unintentionally), it was his non-Culture novels that I read first, and The Algebraist and Against a Dark Background are still two of my favourites.

I really enjoyed the Wasp Factory too, although I’ve always been more into science fiction than more literary works. I suppose I’ll have to try some of his other non-sci-fi books as well.

It’s sad to hear of the death of another of my favourite authors, especially one who seemed ready to continue writing forever.

Funnily enough, to some extent, I am now an algebraist.

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