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Last Sunday, Andrea and I took a trip to Montserrat. The mountain in central Catalunya that’s so popular that it’s a (very common) girl’s name.

We drove to the base of the mountain and took the cable car up to the main level where the abbey is. There’s a fantastic open space in front of the abbey, which was full of people, even though it’s not really tourist season yet. It really must have been an enormous effort to build such a structure at the top of a mountain, but then the catholic church has never been short on cash.

Unfortunately I managed to leave my (last remaining) memory card for my camera at home. So despite carrying it around all day, I’ve only got my phone’s photos to show for it.


We also managed to lose our return tickets for the cable car after getting to the top. So after doing the normal site seeing, Andrea and I walked back to the cable car dejectedly, having to buy another  single for each of us to get back down to the car. Lo and behold, we found both our tickets, nicely trodden on, on the path on the way back.

After that bit of good luck, we found a great place to have lunch on the road to Monistrol, the closest town. We ate on the terrace with a view of the mountain, before heading back to Barcelona to have a coffee and tea at bar Mirablau (heading up Tibidabo), with some of the best views of the city to be bad.

All in all, a fantastic and relaxing Sunday.


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