Kitesurfing and Ninlil


Yesterday I went for my first Kitesurfing lesson. A present from Andrea for my birthday.

It was absolutely fantastic. The first session was theory, then safety stuff, and then we got onto the beach with some kites and (on a day without really strong wind) I found out just how hard a kite pulls when it’s up in the air.

I was only supposed to have a class for two hours, but I lost track of time and, after getting switched to another group of students, ended up having a 4 hour class.

Today, I was all set for another session, but it had rained on the beach last night and there wasn’t enough wind. I think I’m going to have to start praying to Ninlil, the Mesopotamian goddess of wind, if I want to keep up the kitesurfing.

Andrea took some great shots while she was waiting for me on the beach. Got to make good use of my (still reasonably) new telephoto lens.




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