Bruce once told me a story from when he was working at an agency, sometime just before I finished school I think.

He was working on ideas for a client with a junior creative team. They were both young, probably first “real job”, and the copywriter was a bit obnoxious.

At one point during their brainstorming session, when Bruce had come up with a succession of good angles, the young copywriter turned to him and said, “wow, you’re really good at this!”

I don’t know whether Bruce pointed out that he’d been doing it a long time, or just thought it.

Today I got the corrections for a couple of chapters of my thesis dissertation back from my advisor.

He’d taken what I’d spent a week or so writing, pulled it to pieces and put it back together again in a much clearer, more elegant way. I imagine it took him an hour.

I have to remind myself that he has also been doing this for a long time.

Experience does have it’s advantages.

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2 Responses to Experience

  1. Bruce on September 20, 2014 04:30

    If I recall correctly, that copywriter went on to do great things, like win countless awards and run his own agency.

  2. hds on September 20, 2014 09:32

    I think we’re thinking of a different copywriter, the one I had in mind was a woman.

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