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What being a native speaker means

One day last year, after the incredibly strenuous activity of standing up after cutting a bit of card with a stanley knife I felt a sharp pain a bit above my groin. It seemed like my hernia had opened up … Continue reading

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Coffee, Coffee

I bought an espresso machine on the weekend, so here’s a photo of my very first coffee from it. And another of the machine itself. I grew up on plunger coffee and continued to drink it when I left home, … Continue reading

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What you could see if you looked

I was talking to a friend last night who was at the protest in Plaça Catalunya last Wednesday. He was differentiating the protest from what normally happens in Greece. The long and the short of it was that the protests … Continue reading

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Requisite rant about Apple’s approval process

I’ve finally been bitten by Apple’s App Store approval process. An app I’ve develop for browsing, buying, and reading comics on iOS devices got rejected from the App Store the other week. The reason? They state that the app requires … Continue reading

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Start your keyboards

So, I read a blog post I found on Hacker News by someone I don’t know. The content is interesting, but entirely unrelated to the rest of what I’m about to say. Turns out the guy had just started blogging … Continue reading

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