Fiesta de Casa

One thing I really missed when I lived in London was house parties. So common in Melbourne, at least amongst my friends, I don’t think Londoners were ever really comfortable enough with other people in their house to mount really extravagant ones. Barcelona is different, or at least it can be as we saw on Saturday night with a big house party at Guido’s place.

Preceded by dinner at La Paradeta for Claudia’s birthday, a group of us then headed up to Gràcia for the party. There are, of course, photos.

I was not there to hear it (there were multiple witnesses, so it must be true anyway), this conversation took place at some point reasonably early on in the night (translated from the Spanish).

[Enter youngish woman]
woman: What time does the party go until?
[Guido gestures extravagantly]
Guido: Until the Police arrive!
woman: I’m the neighbour…

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