Christmas and all that

So it’s Christmas time again, and for the first time in five years or so I’m not working between Christmas and New Year, well, there’s an article to finish, but that’s possibly a little more flexible. I’m relaxing, catching up on some of the obligatory viewing from my multimedia course and a bit of knitting as well.

I left my original scarf on the train after the Navidad Caótica, I stuck it behind my head and fell asleep, then when I woke up at Catalunya I quickly grabbed my bag and jumped off the train, realising what I’d done about twenty seconds later. Unfortunately no one was nice enough to hand it in, I hope whoever has it uses it well. So I’ve started another, it’s a little more complicated and I wish I’d thought the physics of knitting with five balls of wool at once through a little more before starting, I have to stop every few rows to untangle everything.

I had a couple of celebrations for Christmas this year, eating too much as always. I’ve got some photos up too – the previous links and one of the christmas cake below.

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