I’ve been kind of busy lately

Which is to say, I’m still alive, just been too busy to write anything here.

Firstly, went to Granada last week with Gonza, Claudia, Moni, and Maru (and Andrea was already there) and had a great time. Granada is a really beautiful city, and of course all of us coming “from Catalunya” marvelled at the free tapas. I remembered my camera, charged two sets of batteries just in case and then discovered when I was on the train to the airport that I was missing the memory card, and you can’t seem to buy Compact Flash cards anywhere these days. So I’ve got a bunch of photos I took with Andrea’s camera, I’ll post some here when I get them.

Secondly, I wrote an iPad app. Actually I wrote one for myself and two for work. My own is called Mosaix it’s a mosaic style puzzle game, you can choose any image to make a mosaic of and there are new images available for download daily – if you’re really eager you can download Mosaix from the App Store directly.

The two for work are a reworked WWE Heroes #0 and Hammer Glamour for the iPad. The WWE one I was particularly happy with, you see four panels per page and can switch between the pencil, ink, and colour versions of each panel separately.

More details on all of this to come, including the magic of having a real designer (when you’re a programmer and have limited design ability).

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