Mike Tyson

Just before starting my first year of uni, I went on a “camp” to get to know some other first-years.

There I met a guy who was about to start a degree in Computer Science. I studied Digital systems, especially in first year they were pretty much the same course.

His name is Mike Tyson. Although I think he goes by Michael more now – yet let’s not ruin a good story with technicalities.

A couple of years ago Mike and his girlfriend left Australia to go travelling around Europe in a campervan, during which time Mike has been writing iPhone apps.

In addition to leading an enviable lifestyle, Mike is a fantastic interface designer and the best iOS developer I know, he’s made some fantastic apps.

His latest app, a second version – including a complete rewrite – of Loopy, a live performance app for making loops and such. Perfect if you fancy yourself a beat boxer, or if you’re actually really good at it.

Recently it’s been getting quite a bit of exposure, and even the folks at Apple have taken notice.

So, if you’re at all into music, check out Loopy 2 – you won’t be disappointed, it really is bloody fantastic.

End note: Mike is a skinny white guy with blonde hair. To my knowledge he has no idea how to box.

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