Return to Guirilandia

The last few weeks have been a little hectic (now I’m on holidays from uni), so this is a little late.

A couple of weeks ago Andrea and I took a trip up the coast for a bit of sun and relaxation. We had picked a spot on the Costa Brava (the catalan coast to the north of Barcelona) called Santa Susana.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t all that great, but we did get a bit of sunshine, mainly on our last day when Andrea even managed to get burned.

What we didn’t realise was exactly how full of foreign tourists the place would be, you could walk down the street hearing five or six different languages being spoken, and none of them were spanish, let alone catalan.

We even had one incident where a waitress didn’t speak spanish at all and we had to switch into english to get our drinks, although I suppose we shouldn’t have been surprised by that point.

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