Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga

A number of years ago I got into comics by reading the entire Marvel Civil War event that got passed to me. Marvel’s events are basically big stories that involve many of the members of the Marvel universe and have some sort of lasting impact.

Civil War was one of the biggest ones to date. There were over 20 comics each month which were related. Of those, one really stuck out for me, it was a cross-over between Young Avengers and Brian K. Vaughan’s Runaways.

Runaways is the story of a group of kids who find out that their parents are supervillains and run away from home and end up confronting their ne’er do well ‘rents. The stories are involving, I loved the characters, and the dialogue is fantastic – and all this from a concept which is perfectly suited to the Marvel universe, full of superheroes and villains.

Vaughan also wrote Y: The Last Man, an epic tale of what happens when every male mammal on the planet suddenly dies, every one except a barely-not-a boy and his monkey. Y: The Last man ran for 60 issues, I’ve been reading through and am almost at the end, it’s been great.

Wednesday marked the release of yet another comic series from Vaughan. Saga starts off with a very Romeo and Juliet theme story. Set to a war between the inhabitants of a planet and those of its moon which has been outsourced across the galaxy, a couple formed of the two species on opposite sides of the conflict give birth to a child.

I can’t give much else away because it’s only just started and now I’ve got to wait until next month to see where it goes. In any case I’m expecting it to be a fantastic story, a saga if you will. Vaughan has already promised more “space helicopters and naked robots.”

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