Moving and what physical object means home

I moved on the weekend, which is as good an excuse as any for my three-day lapse in posting every day of the month.

I moved in with Andrea (that’s my girlfriend for anyone who stumbled upon my page from google), so I’m now much closer to uni, although I’ve left my beloved Gràcia behind. At least for the time being.

I’ve got a lot of stuff, I’ve been living away from Australia for 7 years now, and as much as I try getting rid of my things, I’ve still got a lot.

I started moving a few things here a couple of weeks ago so that it wouldn’t be such an enormous hassle all at once. I started thinking about what the essential item was that, once relocated, would mean that I’d effectively moved from one residence to another.

The item which would be important was the one that I would not move until I knew that I’d be spending all my time at the new place.

It’s not my cloths, they’re important yet not essential to my sense of home.

It’s not my collection of books, as important as they are I just haven’t had room to show them off for a long time, so a lot of them are actually just in storage.

It’s not my bedding either, or my music (which is mostly digital), and its not a lot of other things that I had to move.

In the end it came down to two things. One is my laptop, the other my set of kitchen knives.

The laptop is important for work, I can’t work from home (wherever that is) without my computer. However since these days I do my best to work at uni and leave work there when I leave I think it’s probably the least important of the two.

Which means that kitchen knives are the most important thing for my home, which may sounds a bit odd I know.

The reason is straight forward. I enjoy cooking, and both houses had just about everything I needed to cook, except that neither had a decent set of knives (except mine).

So there we are, in the end it’s kitchen knives.

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