Andrea P.h.D.

Andrea with her thesis directors and tribunal

Yesterday Andrea successfully defended her P.h.D. thesis. The presentation of her work was fantastic and her responses to the questions asked by the thesis board were spot on. (In Spanish it’s called the tribunal, but I think that’s a little harsh a word in English, but it gives you an idea.)


After seeing the amount of work that Andrea has put into this thesis over the last few years, and especially the last 6 months, it was incredibly satisfying to see it all pay off. As I sat there watching her, having just begun to give her presentation, I realised that it was all coming to an end, the final moment of her P.h.D. had just begun and it would all be over soon.

Andrea with her parents and sister Sonia

Andrea’s parents and her sister Sonia came to Barcelona to see the presentation, and her aunt and uncle who live here came along as well. Everyone came away impressed with the clarity with which she was able to explain such a complicated topic. Needless to say, all her family were very proud to see the fantastic result of the four years that Andrea has spent in Barcelona.

So, now Andrea is going to have some much needed time to relax (along with a little bit more work before the end of the month). She certainly deserves it.

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