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Well that’s the end of that: 2014

This year wasn’t nearly as busy as last year, but I’ve certainly had a lot going on, not least of which was finishing my Ph.D. At the beginning of this year I finally received my Spanish drivers license, which I’d completed … Continue reading

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Yesterday I defended my Ph.D. It all went really well and I had lots of people come along to support me, which was fantastic. Thea, Bruce, Evan and Steph also all came from Australia (by way of various length routes) … Continue reading

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Thesis defence

Next week I’ll defend my Ph.D. thesis, titled “Triangular bases of integral closures”, and written under the direction of Jesús Montes and Enric Nart. It will be on Thursday the 11th of December, at 18:00 CET (that’s 6:30pm in Barcelona … Continue reading

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Down time

I had decided that when I deposited my thesis, I’d take a day or two off, not go in to uni and just relax and recover a bit. That didn’t really happen, between a course I’m taking at the UB, … Continue reading

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Another decade on: 2013 (part 2)

We’re back for part 2 of my recap of 2013. You can find part 1 here. In case anyone couldn’t work it out, the event of the year was… On the 10th of September, Andrea defended her Ph.D. thesis in … Continue reading

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Andrea P.h.D.

Yesterday Andrea successfully defended her P.h.D. thesis. The presentation of her work was fantastic and her responses to the questions asked by the thesis board were spot on. (In Spanish it’s called the tribunal, but I think that’s a little … Continue reading

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Just imagine

If you live in Australia or the US or somewhere else equally monolingual, imagine this. You’ve just presented your PhD defence and one od the tribunal members begins speaking to you in a language you don’t speak, oh sure it’s … Continue reading

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