Saturday night antics

On the, admittedly somewhat vague, recommendation of lecool, Juan and I headed out to check out a party in a hair dressers, Urb16 in el Borne. When we showed up there was just a bunch of people standing in a group watching what we were assuming was someone having their hair cut, we were too far back to see anything at all.

So, having failed to be trendy enough to hang out in a hair salon we went to grab a drink before meeting up with Juan’s friend Alfonso and doing Juan’s standard tour of gay bars and clubs in Barcelona. Unfortunately I got my times wrong at the end of the night when I quickly rushed off to catch the last night bus back to Cerdanyola, which leaves at 3:58 and not 4:58 as I’d thought, so I had to wait an hour for the first train instead. Needless to say I didn’t really get all the uni work done that I was going to on Sunday.

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