A wedding in London

Skipping three uneventful weeks in Barcelona, next up was another wedding, this time in London.

Ben, or ITBen as he’s affectionately known around Titan, married Michelle, an Australian girl who worked in Titan Magazine’s editorial department. Since I moved to Barcelona I’ve tried to make a point of catching up with these guys whenever I get back to London for work, they’re great company and as an added bonus Michelle and I can talk about listening to Triple J and how great Mr. Squiggle was.

The wedding was at a lovely spot on the river in Putney and I got to catch up with a whole bunch of ex-Titan people that I don’t see very often. There was lots of lovely food and drink, including a wedding cake made entirely out of cheese, which was great. Andrea and I weren’t put on the heavy drinking table with Neil, Jess, Gary, Ray and others, which was probably just as well, as I don’t think I could have handled 6 rounds of Jäger-bombs.

Due to my spectacular lack of photo taking, I have almost no good shots at all, but I do like this one of Ben the nervous groom waiting for Michelle to arrive.

It was a beautiful celebration and I’m sure the happy couple will have a wonderful life together!

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