The End of 2012

In Brugge

Well, 2012 is almost over and so I figured that I should post something short, rather than nothing at all (edit: it turned into something not so short).

This year has been pretty full, but here’s the round up in more or less chronological order.

Andrea and I visited Brugge (and Brussels), unfortunately the Belfry was closed.

I finally moved in with Andrea, so I’m back living in Cerdanyola and very, very happy there.

I spent half a month trying to post every day in March.

I wrote The Dambusters iOS game for Pete Schooling in collaboration with Matt Scully. I don’t think the game has had the success that was hoped for, but it turned out pretty well and was one of the biggest iOS projects I’ve worked on.

Pepe meets Lenore (and Roman Dirge)

I was luck enough to go to the 10th Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS-X) in San Diego. I met some great people in my research field there.

I was doubly lucky that San Diego Comic-Con was on while I was there and I got in with Titan. Pepe met cosplayers and famous people while we were there.

Then Andrea and I headed off to Croatia to meet up with Thea and Bruce, about half way through their year-long trip.

Bruce taking photos at the Alhambra

I then spent lots of time with “the ‘rents” travelling back to Barcelona by car and then down to Granada to see Andrea while Thea and Bruce continued to travel.

Then it was time for weddings and Germany.

Andrea started a three month stay in Munich at the beginning of September and I went with her for a week to help get some things there and also to go together to Rebecca and Felix’s wedding in Stuttgart.

After less than three weeks for me in Barcelona, Andrea and I next met in London for Ben and Michelle’s wedding there.

From London I travelled straight to Paderborn, where I started my own four month long stay.

Pepe and Paco at Neuschwanstein

While Andrea and I were both in Germany we did a bit of travelling, including Neuschwanstein the famous fairy-tale castle of the mad king Ludwig II.

I’ve met some great people in Paderborn, and still have another 4 weeks there after Christmas. I’ve seen lots more snow on the ground than is usual for me and even been out running in -7 degrees (centigrade).

I’m now in Granada with Andrea’s family to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. While here I caught up with Thea and Bruce for the last time on this trip – but I have a feeling it won’t be long before we catch up again.

The Christmas market in Paderborn

So that’s 2012, it’s been an absolutely fantastic year.

I’ve got some more good news that’s not yet confirmed, but I’m leaving that for next year.

Happy New Years everyone.

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